4 Best Fitness Trackers for Ankle (Why Use Them?)

Best Fitness Trackers for Ankle

Most fitness trackers are designed to be worn at the wrists. While there, they are used for monitoring the sleep levels, track calories, monitor the levels of blood oxygen and keep the pace of the rate of heartbeat. However, some fitness trackers are designed for the ankles.

In this article, we shall offer more explanations about this specific tracker. This, we shall do, by looking into the following areas or aspects:

  • Can you wear a fitness tracker on your ankle?
  • Why would someone wear a fitness tracker on the ankle?
  • What are the measures to choose fitness tracker for ankle?

Can You Wear a Fitness Tracker on Your Ankle?

You can indeed wear a fitness tracker on your foot joint. However, the fitness tracker you pick for the job has to be specially designed for the job. Many of the common trackers we have are not designed for wearing at the foot joint. Also, wearing a fitness tracker on the foot joint forfeits certain benefits.

Why would Someone Wear A Fitness Tracker on the Ankle?

In many cases, people put on the fitness tracker on the foot joint when they cannot put the same on their wrists. Some of the underlying reasons could be that the arms are engaged for other issues, your arms are incapable of moving smoothly and freely as should be or you just want to keep track of the movements of your foot joint or lower feet.

Best Fitness Tracker for Ankle Buying Guide

When seeking the best fitness tracker for your foot joint, you need to consider the following factors:


You have to consider the durability of the fitness tracker of your interest. This is important as you want a gadget that is more likely to last longer and hence negate the need for you to replace the same every quite often.

The durability is largely dependent on the kinds of materials used to make it up.


Next, you have to factor in the size of the fitness tracker you have in mind. The size has to be directly correlated with the specific size of the ankles of the intended wearer.

That means you have to mark out the dimensions of the wearers first before getting ahead to find a suitable pick.


The kinds of materials that make fitness trackers up determine the durability of the tracker and its suitability to tackle the tasks of tracking your workouts.

Stainless steel is by far the best material for use here as it is tougher and more enduring. Regardless of the material used, the same has to be water and sweat-resistant.


Given that these pieces of equipment are generally expensive to come by, you should insist on one that is backed by an excellent warranty.

The purpose of the warranty is to safeguard you from the losses and the damages that may arise with use. A great warranty has to be comprehensive to minimize adverse losses.


When all is said and done, whether or not you may purchase the product depends on its price. You definitely want to purchase one at the most affordable price.

To be sure to find one at the most affordable rate, you want to compare the prices of many dealers while paying attention to their unique specifications.

Top 4 Best Fitness Trackers for Ankle

Moov Now 3D Tracker *Recommended*

Moov Now 3D fitness tracker is the device to go for if you shuffle back and forth the matters of running and swimming. Not only is it tough but also is it water-resistant. These let it track with an elevated degree of efficacy.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Real-time audio coaching: With this gadget, you can enjoy real-time audio coaching. This definitely helps you to tackle your cardio boxing, cycling, running, and bodyweight initiatives.
  • Omni motion sensor: An Omni motion sensor exists to aid with tracking and studying the progress of the tracking. It makes use of sensors that are three times more than those used in the basic fitness trackers.
  • Waterproof: All of its parts and constituents are waterproof in that they prevent water and ambient moisture from seeping into the gadget. This of course brings along the added benefit of great reliability when in sweaty or damp environments.


  • Water-resistant nature guards against sweat and water damages
  • Relays the data and the signals via the Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comprises an advanced set of apparatus and parts
  • Provides you with the motivation to tackle your workout goals
  • Its sensors deliver more accurate tracking capabilities


  • Lacks any aesthetic or colorful values

Fitbit Flex 2

For your maximum convenience of engagement, you need a universal and comprehensive fitness tracker of this caliber. Fitbit Flex 2 can monitor and keep pace with the active minutes, calories burned, distance traveled, and the number of steps taken.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • LED display lights: A set of the LED display lights exist as a primary trait of the tracker. The purpose of the display light is to denote your progress and help you get to your goal with an absolute degree of efficiency.
  • Ultra-thin: Overall, the apparatus is very thin and subsequently a lot more convenient to store, carry and stash around. That it is also removable expedites the process of handling and maintaining it on the whole.
  • Swimproof: The overall stature of this tracker is that it is swim-proof. That simply means that it is water-resistant and hence able to endure many spates of possible water damages that may come along in a swimming pool.
  • SmartTrack: As if the above is not enough, the gadget can also keep an accurate track record of your past workouts and regurgitate them whenever you need to have access to the same.


  • Sends out notifications via text messages to your wrists
  • Operates via a series of unique vibration patterns
  • Accompanies its operations with some color-coded LED lights
  • Tracks all your activities automatically and independently of your support
  • Able to wake you up by the use of a small vibration


  • Its battery consumption is a bit too high

Moov HR Burn

If you shuffle back and forth numerous gadgets, you need a fitness tracker that may shuffle seamlessly back and forth those gadgets. We welcome you to attempt your luck on Moov HR Burn as it communicates with many items.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • New suction technology: It bears a new suction technology that maintains the sensor firmly in place. On the strength of this, it lets you focus and concentrate on your core activity without deviating a little bit.
  • Excellent adjustments: Some excellent adjustments also adorn the entire length and breadth of the device. They adjust the workouts in such a way as to let you obtain the very right degree of intensity you need.
  • Bluetooth chest strap: A Bluetooth chest strap rounds up all that the gadget has to offer. Its role is basically to expedite the transmission of the captured data to the paired device for the sake of easier interpretation.


  • Pretty light and comfortable to put on
  • Delivers some unmatched accuracy when used
  • A voice coaching exists to aid with your workouts
  • Stays firmly in place to prevent fidgeting and other hassles
  • Lets you focus deeply on your tasks


  • Demands some expertise to handle and engage

B-Great Ankle Band for Men and Women

Could it be that much of your life centers on the matters of workouts? If it is, you need a universal and hassle-free ankle band of this kind. It is compatible with many bullet-style activity trackers we have such as the Fitbit band, Mi band, Garmin trackers, and more.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Mesh pouch: A mesh pouch exists to hold your tracker firmly in place. This pouch is closed firmly using a touch fastener. That does away with the need for you to worry about the possibility of the tracker slipping out.
  • Very soft lightweight: On the whole, the item is very soft and light in weight such that you can put it on for a longer time without fatigue. Also, it does not interfere with your proper workouts regardless of how long you do so.
  • Snap closure: Wrapping it all up is the snap closure. Its primary role is to close the strap to prevent fidgeting. Nonetheless, it also serves to adjust the tracker to the right size.


  • Generates more accurate readings of the progress of operations
  • Manages a soft, comfortable, and secure fit
  • Hardly irritates the skin even when used for longer
  • Maintains its orientation regardless of the intensity of the exercise
  • Wholly derived from synthetic materials


  • Comes at an exorbitant price

Wrap Up

After our long and in-depth look into the best fitness tracker for the ankle, we hope now that you have what may be necessary to appreciate these items well and make a suitable purchasing decision.

What more can you ask of us? Go ahead now and make a suitable purchase right away!

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