Why My Fossil Watch Not Turning On? 6 Tips to Fix It

Don’t panic if your Fossil Watch does not turn on without any course because it is frozen or the battery power is completely depleted.

Besides, your Fossil Watch may not turn on due to physical damage, and the power button is not working, not using its original charging cable and adapter, or unclean charging ports.

With this knowledge in mind, this article provides quick troubleshooting tips depending on different causes to get your Fossil Watch working again.

Why Fossil Watch Not Turning On?

Your Fossil Watch may not turn for the following reasons listed below. They include:

  • If the battery power is completed depleted.
  • If your Fossil Watch is frozen due to software bugs.
  • If the device battery is worn out.
  • The Fossil Watch charger is broken.
  • If your Watch’s charging port is dirty with debris. It makes the watch not charge or charge properly.
  • If the power button is broken internally.
  • If any part of the Fossil Watch’s hardware is broken.
  • Using unauthorized charging cable. Some charging cables have potential malware attacks which can interfere with your watch functionality. In addition, they may not charge your watch.

6 Tips to Fix Fossil Watch Not Turning On

Knowing the reason behind your fossil watch not turning on is enough. Because it will help you troubleshoot the issue as fast as possible without wasting time inspecting it.

But before concluding that it is frozen, the battery power is depleted or broken, try the following tips they include;

Force Restart your Fossil Watch

Force restarting Fossil Watch is slightly different from restarting it as you usually do with any device. Instead, it cuts off the power deliberately from your smartwatch to its hardware.

To restart your Fossil watch, please press and hold down the crown button (Middle Button) for about 30-60 seconds until the watch vibrates. Then, immediately release the crown button and wait for about 30-45 seconds to see if the Fossil smartwatch turns on.

Force restarting your Fossil Smartwatch will flush its memory and turns off all the running activities/tasks on your Fossil Watch. That’s because it makes your smartwatch freeze.

Connect your Fossil Watch to the charger

If rebooting or force restarting doesn’t turn on the first trial, we strongly recommend charging the battery until the battery recharges up to 50%.

Your Fossil Watch hardware sometimes can malfunction, and recharging can fix the malfunctioning issues. In addition, make sure you clean the backside of the watch and the charger using a lint-free cloth to eliminate grease, dirt, and debris.

Secondly, make sure you position your Fossil watch properly while charging.

Go ahead and Force restart or reboot it while repeating the steps we have shared above on Rebooting or Force restarting.

Inspect If the Power Button Is Defective

If all the above solutions don’t work, you should inspect if the power button is broken.

It can make your Fossil watch turn on no matter how you press the crown button or how much battery life it has. This issue is most common when you constantly keep pressing the crown button unnecessarily. Thus, messing with its effectiveness and durability.

The power button can also break if you accidentally drop it or something hits the power button, thereby losing its effectiveness. If the power button is broken, it is advisable taking it to the nearest certified service center.

Inspect your Charger or the Wall Socket

Sometimes your Fossil Watch charger or the wall socket may cause your Fossil watch not to turn on. Your power outlet/charger is not working due to physical damage, or the charger is blocked by dirt and debris.

Or using a charging cable that is not original/compatible with your watch. These reasons can cause your watch not to power up, making it not turn on no matter how hard you try to press and hold the power button.

To avoid these issues, try the tips below:

  • Check for any Physical Damage: Inspect if there are any damaged parts or loose connections around the wire area in the wall socket or smartwatch charger. Connect the charger to another power outlet if the wall socket is damaged or a loose wire connection. Or, buy a new charger if the charger is broken or if there is a loose wire connection.
  • Clean the Watch Thoroughly: Always clean the entire charger to remove debris and dirt because they block the connection between the charger and your watch. Do not use liquid or metallic material when cleaning your charger. Instead, use a lint-free cloth that is both clean and dry. After that, try charging your watch. If it is not working, the charger is broken. Don’t opt for a third-party charger. Instead, buy an official charger specifically designed for your watch. An unapproved charger may permanently damage your smartwatch ports and battery.

Clean your Fossil Watch Ports

Dirt, dust, and debris in the charging port of your smartwatch are common culprits that interfere with the charging system of any device. To bring back your watch’s charging effectiveness. It is necessary to clean the port to remove the debris and dirt from the port.

To remove debris and dirt, follow the steps below:

  • Take a cotton bud and gently clean the port of your watch without applying pressure while cleaning the port.
  • Do not use a metallic or liquid substance to clean the port.
  • After cleaning the port, plug the charger into the wall socket, charge your watch for about half an hour and then turn it on. If it works, you are lucky.

Check if there is any Physical Damage.

If troubleshooting using the above tips does not work, your Fossil smartwatch is highly likely to be damaged. Thoroughly inspect your watch for any physical damage because it interferes with the positioning of the power button or damage other hardware.

Therefore, it is advisable to get your watch to the nearest service center as your last option. But make sure the service center is certified by the Fossil customer support team.

According to Fossil’s customer support, you should gather all your paperwork, including the original purchase receipt and printed receipts for all warranty repairs.

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