Is Amazfit A Good Brand? Things You Need to Know

Currently, Amazfit is the Chinese powerhouse fitness wearable forward brand with over 15 smartwatches in its collection. Their line of collection is a great option worth picking due to their ability to offer health monitors and track your fitness.

Its biggest achievement to date is its Mi Band collection which made Xiaomi become among the top wearable brand in the market.

Amazfit is a wearable and Fitness Tracker Company founded in 2015 in China and owned by Huami which is well known for making Xiaomi’s devices.

Over the years Amazfit has been producing collections of smartwatches with improved technology to offer a budget-friendly alternative to its competitors like Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung. But is Amazfit a good brand?

Well, all you need to know from its features.

Amazfit Health Ecosystem (Zepp app)

The official app for the Amazfit health ecosystem is called the Zepp app which keeps an eye on your health and fitness data. The Zepp app can monitor and keep your heart rate trend, stress tracking trend, Blood oxygen, sleep pattern trend, and track fitness trend.

It can manually track activities such as cycling, walking, and running. In the fitness trends, it utilizes VO2 Max and Training Load insights to optimize your fitness levels which pushes Amazfit into the sporting realm to offer heart rate-based exercise tracking.

The company has also integrated PAI score in some of their latest lines of collections which is a single health score. The PAI score is designed to offer heart rate trend analysis data and insight to ensure you keep your heart healthy regularly.

Fitness Tracking

When it comes to Fitness tracking Amazfit offers excellent insights from its health ecosystem data which is more accurate and precise.

The more precise data from Amazfit are based on its unique motion sensors set up and unique software algorithms which have also been tested for quality analysis.

It can offer sleeping trends and breaks down your sleeping pattern to a single score number and offer sleep quality analysis. Better yet, it offers features like breathing quality analysis which is similar to Fitbit.

More importantly, Amazfit offers medical-grade optical-light-based heart sensors with ECG sensors which makes it capable of detecting signs of heart-associated disorders.

In addition, it provides heart rate data that is significant to helping the Zepp Health app track stress and offers users a richer sleep insight.

There is also a Cardio Fitness Score and detailed HR data inside of its companion smartphone app which is related to VO2 Max to provide insight into your fitness levels. This is important when it comes to heart rate workouts and monitoring your heart health.

Amazfit latest collections also include Women’s health tracking with features to offer the ability to track periods, predict menstrual cycles, and provide updates and reminders.

However, Amazfit Fitness tracking does not support external heart rate monitor chest straps on most of its wearable collections. But you can broadcast your HR data to compatible devices.

Sport Tracking

Amazfit wearable has also included in-build sport tracking at its core in most of its collections. The latest collections come with an advanced in-build GPS tracker including GPS tracked workouts for more advanced sports tracking.

For instance, you will find in-build GPS and GPS tracked workouts features onboard regardless of their price whether you opt for Amazfit Bip S or GTS 2, or T-Rex.

Onboard you will also find a plethora of sports modes in most of Amazfit’s wearable collections which also include both outdoor and indoor activities.

With built-in GPS onboard you can track outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, running, and walking. In addition, it provides reliable metric data on the whole including distance covered, your speed, mapping, and time.

Even when a GPS connection is lost, the powerful motion sensors will track your motion movements and provide distance metrics.

Excellent IP Rating

Well, when it comes to IP rating most of the Amazfit smartwatches are rated 3ATM or 5ATM which offers the water-resistance ability.

The previous Amazfit wearable collections offered open water swimming (3ATM) while the latest has a 5 ATM rating to offer both swimming pool and sea activities capabilities, not beyond 50 m depth.

With this resistance against liquid obstruction, you can swim and track your swimming activities which also provides swim metrics like stroke analysis, heart rate, pace, and stress level including SWOLF.

However, you should avoid detergents, soaps, lotions, heat and so as they affect the efficacy of the device’s waterproof membrane.

AMOLED Display

Well, when it comes to screen display almost all Amazfit wearables have an AMOLED display which is eye-friendly and provides excellent vision whether the light setup is high or low.

Besides, it is integrated with powerful touch-sensors in a single layer which renders a fast motion response compared to OLED technology.

Some of the latest wearables offer a Super-AMOLED display which provides a brighter screen with less sunlight reflection making it more eye-friendly than an AMOLED display.

The other reason why you should consider Amazfit smartphones with AMOLED display is that they help in saving battery power, offers greater contrast ratios, brighter than LED screens, and turns on and off faster than OLED.

Battery Life

Amazfit wearables offer more powerful and long-lasting battery life than even its top competitors in the market including Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, and Samsung.

Most of their collections can provide standby power mode over 7 days and are designed for multi-day GPS. For instance, Amazfit T-Rex can last up to 45 hours with GPS use and lasts up to 18 days.


Well, unfortunately, previous Amazfit wearables don’t support Alexa, only several models offer Alexa command onboard like Amazfit Verge, T-Rex/T-Rex Pro, and GTS 2/GTR 3.

With this feature onboard you can grant access and control smart devices at home, get a weather report, make calls via Bluetooth speaker and reply to messages and change settings on any smart device provided you know how to sync these devices with Amazfit.

Interchangeable Watch Band

Like its competitors, Amazfit also offers an interchangeable watch band to provide its users with ideal watch band preferences depending on design, color, material, skin condition, and sense of style.

Conclusion: Is Amazfit A Good Option?

Amazfit offers lots of features and functionalities like its competitors at a budget-friendly price. And, they are on point when it comes to battery life and tracking health, GPS, and sports. The major disappointment with Amazfit wearable is that they don’t have apps stores both in the Wear OS and WatchOS software. Due to this, you are limited to access to third-party apps and thus minimizing your productivity and experience.

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