Manas Swain

Manas Swain

Hey! My name is Manas. I am a tech enthusiast who loves to explore gadgets. I especially enjoy exploring wearable techs like smartwatches and fitness trackers. I am always in search of what's new in the market so that I can provide valuable content that would be beneficial for you to choose the right wearable. I own Kospet Tank M1, which is pretty insane in its price range :)

Can You Watch Netflix On Apple Watch?

can you watch netflix on apple watch

As we are moving forward to a new era of technology, our expectations are getting higher. Watching Netflix on Apple Watch is something an apple watch owner would love to experience. It can give you the freedom to binge-watch shows…

How to Clean a Fitbit? (A Complete Guide)

how to clean a fitbit

Nowadays, fitness tracking has become relatively easy, thanks to wearable devices. Fitness enthusiasts love to keep track of their fitness level using these devices regularly, from working out at a gym to running a marathon. As time progresses, these devices…