How to Connect Polar H10 to Garmin (Step By Step Guide)

Few people know that Garmin offers you an extraordinary feature called ANT+, which allows users to connect external accessories, including cadence monitors, foot pods, heart monitors (such as Polar H10), and more.

This gives you the freedom to enhance your data tracking accuracy just by pairing an external monitor. For example, ANT+ supported devices can be connected to treadmills to track and store data of your treadmill exercise.

Connecting a device like Polar H10 with Garmin gives you accurate heart rate reading than typical smartwatches. According to FitAndWell, Polar H10 is specially designed for runners, swimmers, triathletes, and adventures to better track their heart rate.

If you’re unable to work out on steps involved in connecting Polar H10 with your Garmin device, then its a worth reading. Keep in mind, the pairing process is almost the same for any external accessories you own.

But first, let’s look at which Garmin watches support ANT+ sensors out of the box.

Which Garmin Watches have ANT+ Sensor?

Garmin’s popular watches series including Forerunner, Venu, Fenix, Enduro, Instinct, Vivomove, Vivoactive, Vivosmart support ANT+ technology out of the box. To know about a specific model you own, visit ThisIsANT’s official directory page.

Follow the steps below to check whether your Garmin device supports ANT+ technology:

  1. Visit ThisIsANT’s official directory page.
  2. On left, you’ll find few filters to apply such as brands and categories.
  3. Select “Garmin” from the list of brands.
  4. Next, select “watches/wrist displays” from the list of categories.
  5. Done! It will filter all Garmin models that supports ANT+ technology.

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How to Connect Polar H10 to Garmin? (Step by Step)

*This method works for Polar H10 as well as any external accessories you own*

Step 1: Turn On Polar H10

Before connecting, turn on Polar H10, and place it around your chest. This is important because the device won’t show up when it’s inactive.

Step 2: Enable ANT+ On Garmin

Your next step is to ensure whether ANT+ technology is enabled on your Garmin. It is always on by default, but better to double-check before proceeding.

It can be done through Polar Beat App. To enable, Open Polar Beat App > Go to Settings > select HR sensor > Enable ANT+

Step 3: Scan for Polar H10

Now, you’ll have to scan for nearby devices. In our case, it’s Polar H10.
To scan, Go to Settings > Sensors and Accessories > Add New Device > Start Searching (keep both devices near to each other).

Step 4: Find & Pair

Once done scanning, the device name will show up. Then, you need to select it to complete pairing. It will vibrate on a successful connection.

Wrap Up

That is how you can connect Polar H10 to your Garmin device. So next time when you go out for a run, stick your Polar H10 on your chest, it will pair automatically.

However, if you ran into some problem related to sync issues, you can always try out common fixes which work most of the time. You can fix sync issues by:

  • Restarting your device.
  • Turn Recovery Advisor On & Off (on garmin watch).
  • Perform a Master Reset (Resets the watch to factory defaults and removes all data)

Perform master reset at your own choice as it comes with the risk of losing all your data.

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