11 Reasons to Gift A Smartwatch to Your Aged Parents

Is your aged parent or parents not tech-savvy? Are they not into the whole smartwatch thing, and you’re considering gifting them one but don’t know how to convince them?

You might want to change your mind on this. Here are some reasons why:

11 Reasons to Gift A Smartwatch to Your Aged Parents

Track Health Gains & Loses

Smartwatches help monitor health by tracking everything from steps, heart rate, calories burned, and more. And if your loved ones aren’t big on sleep (most older adults need plenty of sleep as they age), a smartwatch with an alarm feature will make sure they get enough shut-eye – the right amount – every day.

Check out devices like the Huawei Fit or Samsung Gear Fit 2 . Your loved ones can also use smartwatches to sync up with their doctor and other health apps for more personalized care.

See Notifications On Your Wrist

Forget about your loved ones missing calls or texts when they left their phone in another room. All the important updates will be seen right on their wrists via a smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 3 . And you can set it up to only show certain contacts (like your phone number) if they want privacy.

Reminders To Medicate & Eat Meals On Time

Your elderly parents may forget to take medications at times, or maybe they skip meals occasionally because of forgetfulness.

Two things that can help senior home health care services, and smartwatches can remind your parents about their health needs with reminders, alarms, etc. They’re also great for tracking calorie intake, and it’s easy to create a food diary on them. Wearables are often used in clinical trials for diabetes, depression, hypertension, and more.

Know When They’ve Been Idle For Too Long

It can be difficult for older adults to get up from the couch or be active for too long without rest breaks – but smartwatches can prevent that thanks to an “inactivity reminder.”

Once the wearable detects no movement after a certain period (which you set), it will vibrate or sound an alarm, so they know it’s safe to move around again – which is great for preventing blood clots.

Control Their Smart Home

To prevent falls at home, you can get your loved ones a smartwatch with motion controls like the Fitbit Blaze or Garmin Vivosmart HR+.

They’ll be able to use these watches to control lights, TVs, music, etc., in their house without needing to stand up and walk over to switches, remotes, or other devices.

You can even get them a smart speaker like Amazon Echo that lets them control everything via voice commands. If you’re looking for remote access to senior care services, this one’s important.

Find Out Current Location Easily

If your parents live independently or frequently go out by themselves, a smartwatch with GPS tracking and emergency SOS will come in handy. Checking their location is as easy as opening an app on your phone – so you’ll always know where they are and if they’re safe or not.

These watches also connect to the emergency services closest to them (911 in most cases) via LTE technology – which can be a big help during an emergency.

Track Emotional & Behavioral Signs Of Dementia

Smartwatches with specialized sensors like Beddit 3 Smart+ Monitor can monitor emotional and behavioral signs of dementia and send alerts to caregivers’ phones when something is wrong – like trouble sleeping soundly.

These devices, paired with apps like Ginger, make it easier for family members to track loved ones with dementia and get the help they need.

Get Notifications About Medication Refill

Elderly adults take lots of medications throughout the week, so it’s important to know when refills are needed.

Smartwatch reminders will be helpful for this purpose because all your parents have to click a button on their device to let you know if they’re running low on medication or not.

It frees up time for them and ensures that they get the treatment (and preventative care) they need for better health overall.

Keep Their Mental Sharp

It might surprise you, but smartwatches can boost brain functions like memory, decision-making skills, and more. A study of older adults using smartwatches with heart rate sensors found that they had improved mental functions after 12 weeks of wear, compared to the control group who didn’t wear them.

Get Notifications When Their Phone Is Out Of Range

It is especially useful if your parents are prone to going out without their phones, often forgetting where they put them when they do. Low-battery alerts can also let you know when their devices need charging – which means less time worrying about why they aren’t answering and more time enjoying a conversation with them.

Use A GPS Tracker For Peace Of Mind

​You may think that senior citizens don’t need GPS trackers – and you might be right. But if your parents live alone and spend a lot of time on their own, smartwatches with GPS like the Apple Watch Series 3 can make it easier for them to get help quickly if they need it.

A built-in cellular connection means that your parents can call emergency services or friends at any time, which is especially useful if they’re traveling but don’t know where they are exactly.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, smartwatches for seniors aren’t just about staying connected – they’re also about keeping your loved ones safe and giving them independence at the same time.

So, don’t wait around before you get your parents a new watch.

Disclaimer: This article is Submitted by One of Our Guests.

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