How to Import Apple Workout to Nike Run Club (Try-This!)

Around the globe, many people struggle with poor motivation to work out. Feeling alone is a major reason most people discontinue workouts or even never start. To overcome this weakness, people try to encourage their peers to join them in a training session.

However, finding the right training partners is intimidating since people view workouts differently. The best solution to such a problem would be access to a larger pool of persons to train with and share milestones.

Physically this is not possible. But with technology, it is possible.

The Nike Run Club offers this service to willing consumers, and with it, you can train and compare yourself with others for motivation. Moreover, to improve the experience, you can import Apple workout into the Nike Run Club app.

Some may ask, what’s the benefit? You and your peers can organize a challenge to conquer workout milestones and run it for about a month.

Unlike other apps, syncing both apps is a bit complicated process. But it is very possible. Many users experience complications in combining the two. So after doing a lot of research, I’ve created this guide on How to Import Apple Workout to Nike Run Club to reduce your complications.

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The steps are easy, but you will need to get some supporting apps. Without them, you can’t sync apple workout to Nike Run Club. According to AcltoMarathon, these steps should help you to import Apple Workout to Nike Run Club successfully.

  • In the iPhone, you will need to install Run Gap.
  • You also need to install the Polar Flow app, on the iPhone.
  • If you are yet to install the Nike Run Club app you will need to.

What Role Does Run Gap App Play?

Run Gap app lets you combine activities from different services under one service. This app serves the best people who use multiple services.

With Run Gap, you can download and share your activities with other services. It will enable you to access an NRC challenge even from another service.

What Role Does Polar Flow Play?

The polar flow app will enable you to write the Nike Run Club app the details of the workout challenge. You will have to incorporate it into your Nike Run Club to participate in the challenge.

How to Import Apple Workout to Nike Run Club?

Step 1: Register In Polar Flow

You will begin by registering in Polar Flow. As stated above, it plays a vital role in the entire process. After registration, you will move your device to the MORE view.

Step 2: Log Into Nike Run Club

At this stage, you will select General settings > Connect Nike+. Here you have to key in your Nike Run Club login details (username and password).

Step 3: Import Activities as a Source

Now shift to the Run Gap app in the iPhone. Open the account and settings section. This stage is somehow complex, as you will need to enable the import activities. Configure health to import activities as a source.

Allow polar flow to import activities. It should act as a source and destination.

Step 4: Refresh to Get All Your Activities

After putting both health and polar flow in motion, now move to activities in the Run Gap app. Then refresh the system to get the activities from the health app. It might take some seconds.

Step 5: Select the Activity to Import

Now, select your preferred activity for syncing into NRC.

Open the ellipses menu at the top > Tap share > Enable polar flow > Press Share.

Step 6: Check Activity You Shared 

After completing the above step, now you can shift to the Nike Run Club app.

Access your profile by tapping profile at the top left. Then, Open settings > Tap partners >Tap polar flow > Enter your credentials (if any.)

Now all you need is to test the system. The activity you shared on polar flow should be present

The steps might appear daunting, but it is your best option if you expect to get your apple activities into the NRC.

Why Not Record your Activity using NRC?

Reports indicate that the Nike Run Club sometimes fails to record various aspects of a workout and also to record their heart rate and pace. Losing such data can be frustrating, especially from an app you rely on entirely.

Wrapping It Up!

Workouts are essential for our well-being. Convincing oneself to get off the couch and do a run is more of a task than many would presume. The discouraging factors by far outweigh their encouraging counterparts.

Most people find themselves working out alone due to factors like work and residence. Reports indicate that people work out more when they have company.

When people have peers to compare milestones with and encourage one another, they are encouraged to work out.

With the advent of technology, apps like Apple Workout and Nike Race Club are taking advantage of this fact to get more people off the couch. A combination of these two services will surely help you work out more.

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  1. When I wan to share activity from run gap to polar flow, it requirws supscriptiom- is it righ or I am doing something wrong? Thanks for the feedback

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