10 Best Apple Watch Apps for Moms (Helpful)

For moms, you can make your Apple Watch indispensable to help you elevate your parenting game and life. That is to say, you can stay more closely connected with your kids while outdoor, handle house chores and handle your busy schedule effortlessly.

Besides, it minimizes the comfort zone and distraction of a smartphone. However, that’s possible if you take advantage of Apple Store and check our pick list of the best Apple Watch apps for moms. Let’s check the app collection we have.

10 Best Apple Watch Apps for Moms

Baby Feed Timer

Baby Feed Timer is designed for breastfeeding moms to help them track when and how long their baby feeds.

The app can remind you when a feed is due and tells which breast to start on. You can also log data and make notes about your baby and synchronize the data across different phones and view the data online at babyfeedtimer.net and set notifications.

Thanks to the analysis screen displaying analyzed data, making it is easier for you to share the baby’s day with your carer or partner.

In addition, you can see emerging trends, such as baby feeding or sleeping at the same time every day.

If you miss a feed, you can manually edit and add one and tap the press button to pause the timer during a feeding. With this app, you can display important activities you want to focus on and customize it to show the activities in the order of your preference.


The Grocery is a genius and awesome app designed to help create your shopping list and serve as a reminder. The app is reliable and versatile because everyone in the family can have a copy of the app and anyone with the copy can add whatever they want to the list.

Secondly, when you are close to any grocery store it will send a notification. Thus if anyone forgot something they can quickly add it to the list before you leave the store/supermarket.

The versatility of this app makes it ideal for moms who are very busy at work because anyone at home can help her update her shopping list.

Cycle Tracking App (In-Built)

Cycle Tracking app is a native Apple Watch app that is more secure and accurate than most third-party apps. The app is designed to help women track and remind them of their menstruation cycle.

Forgetting your flow date is normal, especially when you are a busy mom both at home and work. The app will notify you a day before your period is about to occur, show you safe time, hard time, and tell your flow rate each day.

Because the CycleTracking app is a native Apple Watch app, you don’t need to worry about your data getting leaked.

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Evernote is also a brilliant and fantastic Apple Watch app for moms. With this app, you can organize and track your tasks and save photos, text, receipts, voice notes, an article you want to read later, etc.

The significance of this app is to help you organize your life without missing out on any task in your to-do list and digitally keep and track vital data you could imagine losing track of. Everything you save syncs with your computer, tablet, or iPhone.


Besides managing your shopping list and to-do list, you can also manage your budgets and spending with the Pennies app.

The award-winning app can help you track your money effectively, simply, and within a matter of seconds. You can set your daily target and see how it affects tomorrow if you spend less or surpass your target and instantly sync your budgets and expenses across all your devices.

Besides, it gives mom much flexibility to create a personal budget that is perfect with her lifestyle and it can offer weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly, custom, and one-off budgets you’d want to start on.

Find My Kids: Parental control

Find My Kid app was developed for caring parents to allow them to track the location of their kids {s}. You can maximally observe your child’s location on the wristwatch display while at school, home, and other places they visit regularly.

That also includes receiving notifications your child enters/leaves any location. This helps in relieving parents from getting worried when the kid isn’t close by or their call goes unanswered. With the GPS connection, your kid/child can press the emergency button included in the app in the case of danger.

Water Reminder

Water Reminder is an essential app that every mom should not miss on their Apple Watch. Staying hydrated whether you are indoor or outdoor is important for your skin health, metabolism, blood pressure, and cooling your body.

This app is effective as it allows you to log the amount of liquid you are consuming and then syncs with Apple Health. Because it syncs with Apple Health it will provide you with an accurate amount of water to consume based on your age, weight, height, activity level, climate, and personal goals.

We recommend this app for busy moms or moms who want to lose weight because it will remind you if you are gone longer without water.


After a busy and stressful day doing house chores and checking your kids’ homework, you need personal time to clear your mind.

Well, Headspace is the ideal app that can help moms take a break to clear their minds and to feel calm from the rush. The app is about exercising mindfulness and comes with sessions designed to help you break from the stress and rush.

It also acts as a coach and reminder to help you exercise and focus to clear your head. Clearing your mind is mentally healthy for moms and the Headspace app can take your mental health a step further.

Home+ 5

Home+ 5 is a smart home automation app that supports all the HomeKit features to allow you to control all HomeKit accessories from different manufacturers.

This app gives moms easy time to control multiple accessories simultaneously thereby minimizing their movement in the room, With Home+4 you can control the room temperature, lights, and colored light bulbs.


For moms who track what they eat and weight progress, the Lifesum app will make that process easy for you. Lifesum is great at tracking water, calories, and macro consumption and allows you access Keto, fasting tips, vegan, and more healthy diet information.

This is to help moms manage their weight, diet and improve their fitness. If you want to view your progress throughout the day, you can enter your daily water and food intake and it will provide you with your current nutritional statistics.

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