Fitbit Badges List – A Complete List to Explore

Have you ever set some fitness goals and then quickly lost the motivation to keep you going? To boost motivation for those on a fitness journey, Fitbit provides a system of rewarding badges to those who use their trackers to track their fitness journey.

A Fitbit badge is earned based on activities completed. The badges are awarded on daily steps completed (from 5,000 to 100,000), daily floor climbed. There are also lifetime badges awarded for distance covered, floors climbed, and weight loss in your lifetime.

These fitness milestones can be tracked using Fitbit fitness trackers or Smartwatches. Those who want to earn Fitbit badges for shedding some weight have to go for the Fitbit Aria Scale or Scale 2.

If you would like to know more about the Fitbit badges, this article is for you. Take a look.

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Types of the Fitbit Badges

Generally, the Fitbit badges can be categorized into two groups; Lifetime and Daily badges.

The Daily badges can be given multiple times where there is an achievement, while the lifetime badges are issued only on one occasion in a lifetime.

These two major types can be further subdivided into other minor categories. According to reviews break, these are the classification of Fitbit badges. Take a look.

Fitbit Daily Badges

Fitbit Daily badges can be classified into two main types, Daily floor badges and daily steps per day badges.

Fitbit Daily Steps Badges

Daily Step Fitbit Badges List
Fitbit Daily Step Badges

Simply taking a walk or climbing steps per day can be a suitable method of burning some fat; it can decrease cardiovascular ailments and help regulate blood pressure. Some people in the fitness community take this to be effective than jogging. You can emulate this healthy way of living into your routine using Fitbit to give you motivation.

Daily steps per day are awarded if a participant reaches the daily target that they have daily. So, these badges are given daily as a reward for hard work. The day-to-day can start with boat shoes where a badge is offered at just 5000 steps per day and finish at Olympian sandals where a badge is awarded at 1,000,000 steps per day.

List of Fitbit Daily Steps Badges

  • Boat shoe badge: is rewarded at 5000 steps per day
  • Sneaker badge: is issued after 10,000 steps per day
  • Urban Boots badge: rewarded after 15,000 steps per day
  • High Tops badge: it is given after 20,000 steps per day.
  • Classics badge: is awarded after 25,000 steps per day.
  • Trail shoe badge: is issued after 30,000 steps per day.
  • Hiking Boots badge: is issued after 35,000 steps per day.
  • Cleats badge: is awarded after 40,000 steps per day.
  • Snow Boots badge: is issued at 45,000 steps per day.
  • Cowboy Boots badge: is awarded after 50,000 steps per day.
  • Platform shoe badge: is issued after 55,000 steps per day.
  • Blue Suede badge: Awarded after 60,000 steps per day.
  • Ruby Slippers badge: is awarded after 65,000 steps per day.
  • Spring Loader badge: is awarded 70,000 degrees per day.
  • Genie shoe badge: is awarded after 75,000 steps per day.
  • Futuristic Kicks badges: awarded after 80,000 steps per day.
  • Rocket Boots badge: awarded at 90,000 steps per day.
  • Olympian Sandals badges: issued at 1, 00,000 steps per day.

Fitbit Daily Floors Badges

Daily Floor Fitbit Badges List
Fitbit Daily Floor Badges

This category is the second one under the Fitbit daily badges. Are you aware that ascending stairs can aid in burning more fat than jogging? So, instead of taking that lift, consider using the stairs; Fitbit awards Fitbit floor badges to help motivate in climbing stairs. Here is a list of the Fitbit floor badges.

List of Fitbit Daily Floor Badges

  • Happy Hill badge: 10 stories per day.
  • Redwood Forest badge: 25 stories per day.
  • Lighthouse badge: 50 stories per day.
  • Ferris wheel: badge 75 stories per day.
  • Skyscraper: 100 stories per day.
  • Rollercoaster: 125 stories per day.
  • Stadium: 150 stories per day.
  • Bridge: 175 stories per day.
  • Castle: 200 stories per day.
  • Waterfall: 300 stories per day.
  • Canyon: 400 stories per day.
  • Volcano: 500 stories per day.
  • Mountain: 600 stories per day.
  • Rainbow: 700 stories per day.

Fitbit Lifetime Badges

These Fitbit badges can be earned when a participant completes a lifetime goal. Fitbit awards Lifetime climb badges and Lifetime distance badges. Another lifetime badge awarded in this category is the Fitbit weight Goal badge.

Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges

Lifetime Distance Fitbit Badges List
Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges

Fitbit gives badges on the total lifetime distance covered since when you joined their program. A badge is given when you covered at least 26 miles, and the pole to pole is the last, awarded when 12430 miles are covered. Here are the Fitbit Lifetime Badges.

List of Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges

  • Marathon: Awarded for covering 26 miles.
  • March of Penguins badge: Awarded for covering 70 miles.
  • London: Awarded for covering 250 miles.
  • Hawaiian Islands badge: Awarded for covering 350 miles.
  • Serengeti: Awarded for covering 500 miles.
  • Italy: Awarded for covering 736 miles.
  • New Zealand badge: Awarded for covering 900 miles.
  • Great Barrier Reef badge: Awarded for covering 1600 miles.
  • Japan: Awarded for 1,869 covered miles
  • India: Awarded for 1,997 covered miles.
  • Monarch Migration badge: Awarded for 2,500 miles covered.
  • Sahara: Awarded for 2,983 covered miles.
  • Nile: Awarded for 4,132 covered miles.
  • Africa: Awarded for 5,000 covered miles.
  • Great Wall badge: Awarded for 5,500 covered miles.
  • Russian Railway badge: Awarded for 5,772 covered miles.
  • Earth Diameter badge: Awarded for 7,900 covered miles.
  • Pole to Pole badge: Awarded for 12,430 covered miles.

Fitbit Lifetime Floor Badges

Fitbit Lifetime Floor Badges
Fitbit Lifetime Floor Badges

If you have been climbing the floor and wondering the number climbed so far, do not worry; Fitbit keeps track of this and knows exactly how many. The badges awarded in this category for the least floors climbed are the helicopter badge rewarded at 500 floors, while the highest climb is the Satellite badge rewarded at 35000 floors.

List of Fitbit Lifetime Floor Badges

  • Helicopter: 500 floors.
  • SkyDrive: ascended 1,000 floors.
  • Hot Air Balloon badge: awarded on ascending 2,000 floors.
  • 747: ascended 4,000 floors.
  • Cloud: ascended 8,000 floors
  • Spaceship: ascended 14,000 floors.
  • Shooting Star: ascended 20,000 floors.
  • Astronaut: ascended 28,000 floors.
  • Satellite: ascended 35,000 floors.

Weight Goal Fitbit Lifetime Badges

Weight Goal Fitbit Lifetime Badges
Weight Goal Target Set/Met

For those in their weight loss and you need motivation from Fitbit always to celebrate your achievements, you will have to get a Fitbit Aria /Fitbit Aria two scale.

This can enable you to set a goal and earn a Weight Goal Badge once you achieve your goal. Here are some of the badges:

  • The Weight target Set: When you put up a target.
  • The Weight target Met: When you reach that target.

This can go up to 200 pounds each time, increasing to five pounds.


Fitbit FitForGood Challenge Badges

Fitbit FitForGood Challenge Badges
Fitbit FitForGood Challenge Badges

It feels good to walk, but it’s even better when you walk for charity. For that, Fitbit has added some charity badges. When completing a challenge, Fitbit donates some amount to your favorite charity.

List of Fitbit FitForGood Challenge Badges

  • Participant: Fit for Good Badges
  • Do-Gooder: Fit for Good Badges
  • Helping Hero: 60,000 Charity Steps
  • Charity Champion: 100,000 Charity Steps

Fitbit Adventures Badges

fitbit adventure badges
Fitbit Adventures Badges

Getting these badges is a lot more fun than other daily and lifetime badges. All you have to do is reach that virtual destination with your Fitbit.

What Fitbit has done is create 3 virtual locations (so far) and you have to go there to complete the adventure. On the way, you can also see how the route will look like.

Fitbit also offers you 2 Marathon Badges, which you will get only after completing the challenge.

List of Fitbit Adventures Badges

  • Vernal Falls: 15,000 steps
  • Valley Loop: 24,000 steps
  • Pohono Trail: 42,000 steps

List of NYC Fitbit Adventure Badges

  • NYC 3.1 Miles: 8,000 steps
  • NYC 10 Miles: 24,000 steps
  • NYC 26.2 Miles: 57,000 steps

Fitbit Group Challenge Badges

fitbit group challenge badges
Fitbit Group Challenge Badges

It’s nice to complete challenges. but when you complete them, it feels like you’re on a mission with your friends and family. For that, Fitbit has introduced a few badges, which I have listed below.

List of Fitbit Group Challenge Badges

  • Daily Showdown: Who can get the most steps today?
  • Weekend Warrior: Who can get the most steps over the weekend?
  • Workweek Hustle: Who can get the most steps Monday through Friday?
  • Goal Day: How many participants can reach their daily step goal?
  • Family Faceoff: Which member of your Fitbit family account can get the most steps Monday through Friday?

How do I earn Fitbit badges?

Fitbit badges are earned based on completed step-based activities, weight goals reached, floors climbed. The floor and step badges can only be earned if a Fitbit device is worn. Activities that are manually logged do not count towards earning step badges.

Earning a weight loss badge is different from the others because they are earned using data automatically transferred from any of the Fitbit Aria scales or any weights you log manually.

How Can I view the Fitbit badges?

Fitbit badges can be checked through their official website, Fitbit app, and on some specific Fitbit devices. To view the badges on the Fitbit App:

  1. Log in to the app and find the today tab, then click the profile picture tab
  2. Click on your particular name and choose trophies and badges
  3. Next, click on the Badges collected, and those earned will pop.
  4. View your badges on the website
  5. Go to
  6. Log in to your Fitbit account
  7. Click your profile, and you will see your badges.

How do I Share my Fitbit badges?

After working so hard and earning badges, you might want to share your achievement with others. Here is how you can go about it according to Help. Fitbit.

Share your Fitbit badges click the specific badge you would like to share, and then click on the Share button. Then, select a group where you would like to share on the Fitbit community and then share the badges.

If you do not want to share within the Fitbit community, tap that specific badge and select an option of sharing the post outside Fitbit.

What to do when Fitbit badges are not showing?

Sometimes Fitbit badges may fail to show for some reason; all Fitbit users should know that the steps taken per day and successfully recorded on their Fitness tracker/Mobile tracker are used when rewarding badges. Those activities that are tracked manually are any, done through a third party do not count.

Those participating in challenges with others should ensure that they are in a similar time zone. If you have met all the criteria as mentioned above and your badges are not showing, here is how you should go about it:

  1. First, check and make sure that the Fitbit app you are using is the most recent version.
  2. You can also log off from the Fitbit app.
  3. You can also
  4. Close the Fitbit application forcefully
  5. You can also try turning off your Bluetooth
  6. Try switching off your mobile phone for two minutes
  7. Switch off both your mobile and Bluetooth at the same time for two minutes.
  8. Then, try logging into the application by entering your credentials.

Why my Fitbit badges List is not updating?

Fitbit badges can only be earned when your step-based activities are recorded by wearing your Fitbit device. It can be Your Watch or the app. Manually logged activities do not count and thus won’t earn you any step badges. The manually logged activities are only meant to help you in tracking activities based on effort.

Difference between Fitbit badges and trophies

Fitbit badges are awarded when Daily or Lifetime targets are reached, while Fitbit trophies are earned by becoming the first during challenges.

You can also earn a trophy for completing a set step goal for each day of that challenge. Fitbit is a great platform where you can gain motivation as you pursue your fitness goals. The article above contains some vital information that you should know about the Fitbit badges. Take a read.

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