Why Garmin Watches Are So Expensive? (5 Reasons)

Garmin is one of such companies, which produces the best outdoor smartwatches in the market equipped with advanced fitness monitoring sensors and pinpoints GPS tracking.

They also provide all your essentials like smartphone notifications, Garmin pay, water resistance (swim proofing), and much more. This increases their cost.

Here’s Why Garmin Watches So Expensive?

Garmin watches are stylish, comfortable, durable, long-lasting. But that’s not what makes these watches expensive. The primary reason why Garmin watches are so expensive is their accuracy. Garmin spends a lot of its time and money, researching and developing software that meets a user’s needs in terms of accuracy.

Since most of the consumers are either athletes or individuals who prefer outdoor activities so for them, accuracy and comfort are the two main primary requirements.

And that’s where Garmin always stands out.

Another important reason for their expensive prices is their design using high-quality material called fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP).

To know more about why Garmin watches are so expensive? Go through the five important reasons that I have mentioned below.

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5 Reasons Why Garmin Watches Are So Expensive?


When comparing Garmin watches with other brands of watches, you can notice significant differences in terms of accuracy.

That’s because Garmin embeds advanced algorithms to track weight training, triathlons, skiing, and many other intense activities. Other watches are nothing even close to that. This may be one of the reasons why most athletes and outdoor enthusiasts choose Garmin watches.

Unlike other smartwatches, Garmin uses optical-based heart rate sensors in its durable watches to monitor heart rate and create HR statistics. The optical heart rate sensor shines a green light into your skin and then counts the amount of light reflected so that the sensor will show you the heart rate in beats per minute (BPM).

Likewise, Garmin pays attention to these little things that make it best in the segment and this alternatively makes Garmin watches a bit expensive.


Garmin is one of the big names in the fitness and the outdoor world and has a wide collection of smartwatches and trackers in its portfolio. Not only does it offer a range of options within each of its product families, but it also offers a wide range of sport-specific equipment and lifestyle options.

Whether you want access to topo maps in the mountains or to monitor your daily steps, there is a Garmin watch available for outdoor fitness enthusiasts.

Either you buy a $199 Garmin watch or a $499 smartwatch, you’ll never be disappointed with Garmin. However, you’re not going to get the same features, stiffness, durability of a $499 smartwatch in a $199 watch.

While most fitness trackers can keep track of your runs, bike rides walks, etc. Still, they are unable to track body movements such as hiking, skiing, triathlons, and other sporting activities.

Only by wearing accurate and genuine sports watches will you be able to track your every move.

Detailed Statistics

Anyone who is into sports or any kind of physical activity needs to check their fitness statistics in detail. With that in mind, Garmin created its Garmin Connect App, where you can view daily, weekly, and even monthly statistics.

Garmin Connect shows all statistics in graphical formats such as charts, figures, and percentages which are very easy to understand.

If you’re an athlete and want to gain additional insight into your activity, you can sync Garmin Connect with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal, Starve, Runsafe, Trail Run, Rap, and many more.

In addition, you can view your real-time heart rate, steps, calories burned, sleep stats, and weather updates on the same Garmin Connect app.

Garmin Connect helps you separate the compiled data from steps, sleep, heart rate, weight training, triathlons to accommodate the type of data you want to review. Moreover, it is very easy to set your daily exercise goal on Garmin Connect App.


Garmin watches stand through wear and tear for years, and the company continues to upgrade them well past their release dates.

In most cases, you’ll receive a one-year warranty, but you can be eligible for additional warranty time if you buy a more expensive watch.

I have seen many people use Garmin watches effectively and without any problems over the years. This proves that Garmin uses high-quality materials in its smartwatches.

Fitbit, on the other hand, only offers a 90-day warranty, while other watches like Apple and Samsung offer six months of warranty.

Offers Plenty of Apps.

Some commonly seen Garmin applications such as Garmin Connect, Garmin Pay, or Garmin Coach. However, when you get to the high-end Garmin Wear you’ll have dozens of interesting applications.

Here I have listed all the applications that Garmin officially promotes.

  • Garmin Jr.
  • Tread
  • Garmin PowerSwitch
  • Smartphone Link
  • Garmin Drive
  • ActiveCaptain
  • Navionics Boating
  • STRIKER Cast
  • Fusion-Link
  • Garmin Explore
  • Garmin Clipboard
  • Garmin Golf
  • Garmin Dive
  • Tacx Training
  • Varia
  • Garmin Pilot
  • Garmin eLog
  • Earthmate
  • Garmin Canine
  • GTN Trainer Aviation
  • TXi Trainer Aviation App
  • XERO S
  • VIRB Mobile
  • Impact™ App
  • EmpirBus App

Here are some of the most valuable applications that I love.

  • Garmin Jr, tracks your child’s physical development, steps, and active minutes.
  • Navionics Boating, helps you to cruise in the open Ocean.
  • Garmin Coach is my favorite of all apps. Garmin Coach helps you achieve your goals and provides you with useful training and fitness advice.
  • Lastly, Garmin Pay. It allows you to pay utility bills directly from your watch. All you have to do is place your wrist in front of a scanner and your bill will be automatically deducted.

FAQs: Why Garmin Watches Are So Expensive

Is It Worth Buying A Garmin Watch?

A Garmin watch is worth buying if you will be getting the most out of its features. Generally, people who are into intense outdoor sport consider buying a Garmin watch because of Garmin’s accuracy and durability.

Is Garmin or Apple Watch Better?

Both the watches are good in their own way. It’s totally up to you.

If you prefer outdoor sports in general, or you are a very rough and tough watch user, then you should definitely go for the Garmin.

Can You Text On A Garmin Watch?

With some Garmin devices, you can send replies to text messages and incoming call notifications when paired with an Android phone. Even some Garmin devices allow you to customize the call and messaging interface.

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