How to Clean a Fitbit? (A Complete Guide)

Nowadays, fitness tracking has become relatively easy, thanks to wearable devices. Fitness enthusiasts love to keep track of their fitness level using these devices regularly, from working out at a gym to running a marathon. As time progresses, these devices tend to become dirty.

Fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit are ideal for encouraging activity; however, they tend to collect sweat, oil, and dirt, which in turn stains the band, causes skin irritation as well as clogs the charging port.

Therefore, cleaning it regularly will help in enhancing its functionality while preventing skin irritation. With that said, in this article, we shall be discussing how to clean a Fitbit.

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How To Clean A Fitbit

You can have your Fitbit with you all day, every day; however, you will need to clean it effectively to maintain healthy skin and enhance the functionality of your device.

After your workouts, you will need to clean the sweat from your Fitbit using a relatively small amount of rubbing alcohol.

Fitbit advises against cleaning using wipes, soaps, and other household cleaning items since they might be trapped underneath the strap and lead to skin irritation.

Additionally, the ways a Fitbit is cleaned will depend on the type of band you own. All Fitbit bands have to be treated immediately after use by wiping them using a dry microfiber fabric.

Usually, the brand offers leather, knit, elastomer, silicone, nylon, and metal bands. Cleaning each of these bands will require a unique technique. Here is how to clean different Fitbit band materials;

How To Clean Elastomer and Silicone Fitbit Bands

Fitbit silicone and elastomer bands
Fitbit Elastomer and Silicone Bands

Fitbit Silicone and elastomer bands are significantly durable, making them suitable for everyday use and high-intensity workouts. Since this material is prone to collecting bacteria and sweat, it causes irritation and odor; thus, it is vital to clean them after a workout.

The Fitbit bands are water-resistant; however, they are not waterproof. Unless you have a waterproof model, avoid exposing your watch face to running water. In case it comes into contact with water, dries it off within the shortest time possible.

To clean your silicone or elastomer Fitbit band, you will need to wipe it with cotton fabric dipped in rubbing alcohol or under running water if it is waterproof. Scrub your band using a soft toothbrush to get rid of oil and stain build-ups. You might consider adding a gentle, soap-free cleanser to clean it. Use a clean cloth to dry your band before putting it on once again.

How To Clean A Fitbit Leather Band

Fitbit leather bands
Fitbit Leather Band

Usually, Fitbit leather bands are porous materials and prone to discoloration. You should avoid wearing them during an intense workout to prevent stains. Additionally, it would help if you avoided your leather band from coming into contact with excess water, insect repellent, skin cream as well as perfume.

When cleaning the leather band, you should use a soft and dry cloth to wipe it after wearing it. If vital, you might consider dipping the fabric into the water. You should dip your material into the water for a more profound cleaning process and add a gentle soap-free cleanser. Ensure that the cloth is damped and not wet, and then rub your band gently with the fabric in a circular motion.

Rinse your band thoroughly in water to get rid of any soap residue, and remove the excess water from the cloth before wiping the band using the damp fabric. Once that is done, allow it to dry before putting it once again.

You should avoid putting the band in direct sunlight while drying; however, you should use a hairdryer on a low setting. If you prefer, you might apply a leather conditioner to your band. Ensure that the product you use is safe for your skin and it will not cause discoloration to your band.

How To Clean A Fitbit Metal Band

Fitbit metal bands
Fitbit Metal Band

Like silicone and elastomer, metal bands are ideal for everyday use; however, they are not sweat-resistant or waterproof. As a result, you should not wear them during an intense workout session. Furthermore, it should not contact skin cream, oil, perfume, or insect repellent to prevent it from tarnishing.

To clean your metal band, you will have to wipe it using a soft and dry fabric after having it on. If required, you might use a small amount of water to dampen your fabric and clean the band. Afterward, allow your band to air dry before putting it on; you should avoid putting it in direct sunlight or use significantly high heat from your hairdryer since it can cause significant damage.

How To Clean A Fitbit Nylon Band

Fitbit nylon bands
Fitbit Nylon Band

Fitbit Nylon bands are also ideal for everyday use; however, they should not be worn when performing intense workouts to prevent the build-up of oil and stain. To prevent your band from discoloring, you should not allow it to come into contact with insect repellent, skin cream, perfume, or oil.

When it comes to cleaning a nylon band, you will need to wipe it using soft and dry fabric, and if required, you might rinse the band under cold running water along with a mild soap-free product. Once you are through with cleaning, you will have to leave your band to air dry before putting it on once again. Avoid placing your band in direct sunlight while drying.

Why Cleaning Your Fitbit Band Is Vital

Usually, Fitbits collect dirt and sweat every day when used and not forget bacteria that irritate and produce unpleasant smells. Research by TicWatches showed Fitbit bands could hub up to 8.3 times more bacteria than what is found on a toilet seat.

Leather and plastic bands are said to be the worst offenders with significantly high bacteria levels compared to other band materials. In the same study, one in four individuals admit to have never cleaned their Fitbit and while one in five individuals clean their band in less than six months.

Since Fitbit bands can pick up significantly high amounts of grime as opposed to other watches, it is vital to have them cleaned more often. You should wipe your Fitbit Band after every workout session and perform a deep cleaning process on your band at least once or twice per month.

By doing so, you will not only improve their overall appearance but also improve their functionality while allowing you to enjoy having them on for an extended period without facing skin irritation.

What Are The Effects Of Using A Dirty Fitbit?

  • Wearing a Fitbit band for an extended period is bound to collect dirt along the way. Most individuals are not aware that wearing a dirty Fitbit can cause problems not only to the device but also to you.
  • Non-stop wearing of a Fitbit band is said to be disastrous to your skin. Usually, skin is one of the most sensitive organs in the body and can be irritated by several surfaces. Therefore, having your Fitbit band for an extended period will collect sweat, turning it into a skin allergen if not cleaned.
  • Contact dermatitis and eczema are a few skin allergies that can result from wearing dirty Fitbit for an extended period. Additionally, a dirty Fitbit will have a detrimental effect on the functionality of the gadget. When you contact, more dirt, bacteria, and condensation will inevitably start building around the band’s charging port and your tracker. As time progresses, it causes the Fitbit band to become less effective and sluggish.

Point To Note

Although cleaning your Fitbit band is vital, you would want to do it in the correct manner and with the correct cleaning products. Therefore, when cleaning your Fitbit, it is highly advisable to use rubbing alcohol. If not, you might consider adding a gentle soap-free product to give it a squeaky clean.

However, it would help if you avoided hand soap, dish soap, body wash, laundry detergent, hand wipes, or other types of household cleaning products.

Such products are said to irritate when trapped under your band. As a result, cleaning your Fitbit will improve comfort, enhancing your overall exercise session while keeping your skin healthy.

Final Words

A clean Fitbit band means a healthy you and improved performance of the device. Being able to track your fitness level with ease is vital for improving your overall well-being. However, to maintain a healthy fitness level using your Fitbit band, you will have to do the same.

Therefore, instead of allowing for the build-up of grime and sweat, you should remember to take your band out and clean it accordingly.

It would help if you considered using disinfectant or rubbing alcohol with soft fabric to help your band stay best in shape for better performance.

Additionally, when cleaning your band, you should keep in mind that these products are sensitive to abrasive products such as soaps, and you should use a limited amount of water.

With that said, we hope you have found this article beneficial and always remember to clean your Fitbit band.

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