6 Methods On How to Fix Fitbit Versa Black Screen

Smartwatches have become a part of our daily life. From several options available in the market, Fitbit plays a vital role in the smartwatch industry.

A study says, 7 out of 10 customers prefer Fitbit (exactly 31 million people).

On top of that, Fitbit devices are much more affordable than Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Garmin Watches. However, this doesn’t mean, Fitbit as a brand, doesn’t have any flaws.

One of the popular issues is the Fitbit Black Screen Issue. Most Versa users, including me, faced the same problem. At first, I was clueless to figure out what’s the cause of the problem. But with deep research, I have come up with a few tips that will help to fix this issue.

It fixed my Fitbit versa’s black screen issue. I hope this solves yours too. But first, let’s know why a Fitbit versa won’t turn on?

Why Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On?

Your Fitbit Versa doesn’t turn on? Do not panic.

You are not the only one facing this problem. Many Fitbit users out there face this particular problem which is being discussed in the Fitbit community regularly. What’s the reason then?

Usually, your Fitbit versa won’t turn on – when your device’s battery is completely exhausted, an automatic framework update might have made changes to the system or been affected by a glitch/software error.

However, the good news is all these issues can be fixed with the troubleshooting methods shown below.

6 Methods to Fix Fitbit Versa Black Screen

Restart Your Device

Try to restart your Fitbit Versa. Because in the end, your Fitbit watch is a wearable computer, and it might cause some glitches that are holding your device from turning on. To restart your Fitbit Versa, press and hold the back button until the Fitbit logo appears on the screen.

If restarting does not solve your problem, then put the device aside for a while and repeat the process. If it still fails, try other methods below.

Charge Your Fitbit Versa

If you have been using your watch continuously or haven’t used your Fitbit Versa for 2-3 days, then your device’s battery may be completely exhausted. So be sure to charge your Fitbit device before trying any other method.

If your Fitbit starts charging, then congratulations. Nothing has happened to your Fitbit. It just needs to be charged. But still, if your device isn’t charging, take some Cotton Balls and Rubbing Alcohol, clean the charging sensor of both watch and charger thoroughly.

Note: There is no harm in using rubbing alcohol as it is considered safe and effective in sterilizing electronics.

Look for Issues With Fitbit Charger

With time, there is a good chance that the charging cable might get damaged. For which you will need a replacement.

But before replacing, I will suggest checking your USB and power output cable. If still, your device isn’t charging regardless of perfect condition, then purchase a new charging cord. There is a 90% chance that your problem may get solved.

Since I used QIBOX Power Charging Cord, I would recommend considering this as well.

Check Fitbit’s Sleep Mode Settings

Enabling sleep mode causes your Fitbit device to lower its brightness (dims the screen automatically), which creates confusion about whether your device is active.

To verify, go to a dark place, or turn off the room lights and take a look at your Fitbit. If the screen is visible, then probably sleep mode is causing your Fitbit to lower its brightness.

To fix it, Turn off the sleep mode, go to the Quick Settings and tap on the half-moon icon to turn it off, or go to Settings > Quiet Modes > Sleep Mode and turn it off.

Factory Reset the Device

If all the above methods don’t fix your problem, then nothing can be done. Now the only way to get your command back on your Fitbit Versa is by factory resetting it.

Factory resetting the device will solve your problem, but the only downside is all your data will be erased from the device. However, it is not applicable for users who have synced data with their Fitbit account. No worries, your data is safe. Here’s how to factory reset?

Follow these steps to Factory Reset the Fitbit Device:

  1. First, Press & Hold all three buttons on your Fitbit Versa for about 12 seconds.
  2. Once the Fitbit logo appears, release the bottom right button, but don’t release the top right button as well as the left button until it vibrates (vibration indicates that the factory reset process has been started)

Note: On failing to perform this procedure step by step, the Fitbit logo appears and boots up without a factory reset.

Contact Fitbit Support

Are you still facing the black screen issue? Now the only option is to contact the Fitbit support team. They will give you suggestions and recognize what’s the root cause of your problem.

Also, I’m pretty sure they’ll ask you to try the same fixes mentioned above. If your Fitbit is out of warranty, they offer you some discount for buying a new Fitbit device. Otherwise, you can claim your warranty and get your watch replaced.

Fitbit’s Return Policy says, “If a defect arises and a return authorization request is received by Fitbit within the applicable Warranty Period, Fitbit will, at its option and to the extent permitted by law, either (1) repair the Product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts or (2) replace the Product with a New Product or Refurbished Product.”

Contact Fitbit Here

What Do We Recommend?

The black screen issue on Fitbit seems to be a big problem for Fitbit users. Fitbit as a company hasn’t commented on it. Instead of solving, they are offering us 35% off on buying new equipment. What you should do in such a case?

The answer is simple, If you’re under warranty, there is a high chance of getting your watch replaced. Go for it. Otherwise, try different solutions above and see if anything works for you. Out of warranty users can claim the discount or contact support for a more effective solution.

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