Can I Shower With My Apple Watch? Here’s the Truth

Technically and theoretically you can shower with your Apple Watch, but we strongly advise against that despite water resistance. Why?

Apple Watch is water-resistant, not waterproof. While it may be ok to shower with a water-resistant Apple Watch, not doing so lowers the risk of exposure to soaps, shampoos, and conditioners, which can damage your device over time and cause skin irritation.

Meaning it is not impermeable to water, therefore, you shouldn’t do the mistake of submerging your Apple Watch underwater because it can harm it.

However, no immediate effect or danger is showering with your Apple Watch while wearing it for a short period. But before showering with your watch, it would be wise to ask yourself, how waterproof is your Apple watch?

How Much Water-Resistant is your Apple Watch?

With this question in mind, it would be helpful to acquire more general information about your Apple Watch Series or generation. Because Apple Watch water resistance depends on Apple Watch Series or generation.

If you still own or use the Series 1 (1st generation) they are both splash and water-resistant, but you cannot submerge it underwater. Apple Watch Series 1 has a water resistance rating of IPX7, which only offers resistance to splashing water.

Apple Watch Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are recommended for showering and activities involving shallow waters. The aforementioned Apple Watch Series can be submerged underwater because they have a water-resistant rating of 50 meters.

That is to say, you can stay underwater not beyond 50 meters or 164 feet of depth with your watch. Therefore, if you wear these Series models, you can ultimately enjoy shallow-water activities in the pool or ocean.

However, you should not use them for activities involving high-velocity water and submersions below the recommended depth like water skiing, scuba diving, and more.

Why You Shouldn’t Shower With Your Apple Watch?

Despite the Apple Watch offering a favorable depth of water resistance, you should not shower while wearing it.

The theory is okay as explained above, but exposure to certain elements like soap and detergents, conditioners, lotion, sunscreen, oil, hair dye, insect repellant, and perfume can reduce its water resistance.

These cosmetics products contain harsh chemicals that can affect the efficacy of the Apple Watch’s water seals and acoustic membrane.

All the Apple Watch bands are water-resistant, except those made with stainless steel and leather. Stainless steel or Leather Apple Watch band are susceptible to water damage. Therefore, if you want to do water activities it would be helpful if you switch to a water-resistant band.

Do not expose your Apple watch to high impacts like dropping or smashing it onto something and strong jets of water. In addition, you shouldn’t go with your Apple watch to a Sauna bath because the hot steam from the sauna can negatively affect its efficacy to water resistance.

Lastly, the water-resistance feature diminishes over time and is irreversible. Therefore, you should take care of your Apple Watch because it cannot be rechecked and resealed for water resistance.

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Do This Before Putting your Apple Watch Into Water 

Before taking your Apple Watch into the water, make sure you turn on its Water Lock feature. Technical this feature doesn’t keep moisture out of your watch.

But it prevents accidental taps and vibrates your watch to expel any water that might have made its way inside the speakers. Thus, stopping water from taking impact.

How to Turn On Water Lock Feature?

The Water Lock feature is not available on Apple Watch Series 1 but is available on the Apple Watch Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. There are two ways of activating the Water Lock feature. They include;

Start a Swimming Workout

Navigate to the Workout app and then tap the Pool Swim app. Or you can tap the Open Water app. Opening one of these apps will automatically turn on the Water lock Feature. Or,

Manually Turn it On

To activate the Water Lock feature manually, simply;

  1. Swipe up on the face of your watch to open the Control Center.
  2. Scroll to the Water Lock feature icon by either using your finger or the Digital Crown.
  3. Tap the water droplet icon to activate the Water Lock feature. When activated in the center of the Watch face a blue water droplet will appear.

When you are done with your activity, turn the Digital Crown to unlock the screen. If you automatically activated Water Lock from Swimming Workout, then swipe right and tap the X icon to deactivate the Water Lock.

If you activated it manually, you should turn the Digital Crown and ensure the blue water drop fills the circular icon. Once filled, the watch will unlock and make a series of vibrations to eject out water from its speakers.

How to Wipe Off a Wet Apple Watch?

If water spills or wets your Watch accidentally or with your sweat while working out, you should wipe it off immediately when you are done.

However, we recommend you use a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth, instead of using sprays, heat, or compressed air. If the watch speakers produce muffled sounds, do not insert anything into the openings including the microphone or speaker ports, or shake the watch to remove water.

Simply, let your Apple watch recharge overnight as it helps to speed up the evaporation. However, the barometer altimeter measurement may be less accurate when swimming because water gets into the air vent.

Finally, always rinse your Watch and the band thoroughly with warm water from the tap.

How to Clean your Apple Watch?

If you swarm with your Watch in hard water or dropped in mud, you should clean it thoroughly before wearing it back.

Besides, cleaning your Apple Watch is also a simple hack for maintaining its quality and helps to prevent you from developing skin sensitivity such as irritation and rashes. To clean your Watch follow the steps below:

  • Remove it from your wrist or its charger and turn it off.
  • If the band is not water-resistant, you should also remove it.
  • Then, lightly damp a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth in freshwater, and use it to wipe clean your Apple Watch. Or, you can also hold and lightly run your Apple Watch under warm water for about 15-20 seconds. While cleaning it do not use any detergent or soap due to the reasons mentioned earlier.
  • Dry your Apple Watch with a clean and non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. Make sure you dry it from its front, back, and sides. You are done.

Have a great moment while enjoying water activities with your Apple Watch!

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